State Intellectual Property Office: Increase the action of non-normal patent application agency behavior

The National Intellectual Property Office found in the "Blue Sky" special rectification operation in promoting the intellectual property agent industry, and there are still some agents in the country to continue to engage in non-normal patent application agency behavior.

In order to further increase the fighting force, the National Intellectual Property Office recently issued a notice will stop the new business for a number of non-normal patent applications and patent agencies suspected of participating in the patents until the punishment of the practice license is revoked.

For agencies that repeatedly proxy non-normal patent applications, the State Intellectual Property Office requires all localities to investigate and deal with regular cases, strictly resolve, and in various types of incentive reward policies and project support, institutions and personal evaluation results, all kinds of activities Participate in unit screening, relevant experts and talent recommendations and other aspects implement strict collaborative restrictions.

If the circumstances are serious, the State Intellectual Property Office will stop accepting its related agents or revoke patent agents. Notice It is mentioned that the State Intellectual Property Office will also strengthen large data screening, monitoring, and lock without qualified institutions engaged in abnormal patent application clues. All localities to carry out patent agency business behavior from strict discovery, engaged in non-normal patent applications, should be considered as stronger, and will be punished from the penalty. For agencies that have a significant amount of per capita patent agency, the State Intellectual Property Office requires various places to include key supervision objects, improves inspection frequencies, and finds that non-normal patent applications, renting out of patent agent qualifications, etc.