Tarnaki 赣 圣 圣 writing education glory

In 2003, the fourth batch of China Group and the central government went to Qianfan’s service group to Jiangxi to work out, as one member, Chen Zhilong from the Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Microsystems received the general manager of Jiangxi Provincial Electronics Group Co., Ltd. Assistant of President of Jiangxi Lianchuang Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

In the past year, Chen Zhilong has made a lot of work in the selection of scientific research directions, improves project declaration, and has made a lot of work in industrial adjustment, planning construction, etc., and presided over the national "10th Five-Year" scientific and technological research. Projects, vigorously improve the economic efficiency and development potential of enterprises.

In the work and life of Jiangxi, Chen Zhilong deeply realized the simple and thick road of the people of the Jiangxi revolutionary area, gave birth to a deep feeling of this red soil.

He said in the fourth batch of "Dr. Service Group" symposium to the "Doctoral Serve": "I am Hunan, reading in Harbin, working in Shanghai, and I have come to Jiangxi.

Over these years, I have passed a lot of places in the north and south. My feelings are that the mountains are good, and they are good.

"Chen Zhilong always insisted that this red soil is regarded as the second hometown, regards the people of the old district as a relative, and the time to practice the initial mission, the initial mission, use the actual actions to help local regional economic development. In a short year, it is very I have to go to the past, Chen Zhilong faces the choice as all the employees: return to the original unit or stay? As the saying goes, people go high. For Chen Zhilong, "the initial heart" is more important than "height". Chen Zhilong’s I chose unexpectedly, he chose to stick to the "initial heart" of the root of the Red Soil.

After the end of the post, he did not return to Shanghai’s research institute. No chooses to stay in Jiangxi or country-owned large enterprises, but resolutely gave up the identity in the system, joined a preparation in Nanchang, Jiangxi. Primary Colleges and Universities – Original Jiangxi Aerospace Science and Technology Vocational College (now Nanchang Institute of Technology).

He wrote in the report: "To explore the effective way to cultivate the integration and talent cultivation under a complete private mechanism. From a national scientific research institute to the education worker, transforming into a college education worker, from the system to the system, his choice makes many people surprised, but Chen Zhilong himself thinks "It is rich in Jiangxi." My experience has contributed to my life.

Chen Zhilong was appointed as the vice president of Nanchang Institute of Technology in 2004, currently in the teaching of Nanchang Institute of Technology. Schools are centered on teaching, all work around the center of teaching. Chen Zhilong always adheres to the principle of "standardization management", paying close attention to the construction of the teaching team and vigorously promotes teaching reform. At the same time, seize the baton of the test style, further standardize and strengthen the construction of the school’s examination, and personally go to the first-line inspection, according to the development of the school, Chen Zhilong organizes the teaching department to seriously summarize, timely revised school teaching management system. Chen Zhilong often in-depth class, listening to students’ feedback and teacher opinion, suggesting that many teachers participating in the teaching and research activities of different teaching and research, how to improve teaching levels, how to build a teaching team of this discipline. He encourages teachers to participate in teaching reforms and encourage them to actively declare teaching reform projects.

After coming to Nanchang Institute of Technology, Chen Zhilong will work on the school’s research.

Holds a number of national and provincial-level issues, publishing more than 20 high-quality papers, apply for 5 national patents. Am 2001, in August 2016, the topic he hosted – "Research on the Working Mechanism of Human High Accuracy Micro Silk" won the National Natural Science Foundation. Cultivating talents is the fundamental task of colleges and universities, teaching and educating people are every teacher’s day duty. Although Chen Zhilong served as an administrative work, he stood in the first line of teaching. He often said: "I have read more than 20 years, I have made many years of research. I have to transfer my school, known to and have not retained to each of my teaching students."

Chen Zhilong presided over the founding of technological innovation, the foundation of the special professional, strongly entered the heart, and the active classmates joined the technological innovation society, using the spare time, and guided them.

Under his leadership, the students of innovation agencies have applied for and have received dozens of national patents.

Seeing the students who have been cultivated one by one, Nanchang Institute of Technology is booming, Jiangxi and even the national private higher education is booming. For seventeen years, all payments are worth it.

"Chen Zhilong said. (Yang Tingting, Liu Shao) (Editor: Rona, Shuai) Sharing let more people see.