Super computer: personal service, food, food

"International Herald" reporter San Rong sent from Beijing 1.3 billion people at the same time for 1000 calculations, Tianhe No. 2 is only completed one hour. Recently, in the TOP500 worldwide in Germany, Top500 worldwide, China’s Tianhe No. 2 has a peak speed and persistent speed per second billion times and a hundred millions of times per second, and become a global. The fastest computer. This speed is nearly doubled at least than Titan, the second United States.

This is the return of the one-in-one king who once again staged the Tianhe No. 2 after the 2010 Tianhe No. 1 won the championship. Not many computers in series in the National Defense Technology University Tianhe Computer Research Building, in a nearly 800 square meters of computer room, Tianhe No. 2 is like a large material, and the momentum is magnificent.

It is a research and development team of 280 people, and the night has been completed for more than two years, with a total cost of about 600 million yuan, consisting of 170 gray black cabinets, covering an area of ??720 square meters, with a total memory capacity of 14 million bytes, storage The total capacity is 124 million bytes, which is equivalent to the storage of 100,000 words of each volume of books 60 billion. It is expected that in October this year, the Tianhe No. 2 will leave its birthplace, move to the newly established Guangzhou Zhongshan University superior centers, mainly in the field of large science, big projects and industrial upgrading and information construction, and Sun Yat-sen University will also be established. The first Super Computing Academy of China has trained the currently short-computational professionals.

This is followed by Tianjin Center, Changsha Center, Jinan Center, Shenzhen Center, China’s 5th National Super Computer Center. Many people think that the supercomputers that the cabinet into the queue is to connect many computers. Otherwise, this concept is wrong.

Li Nan, deputy general commander of Tianhe No. 2, National Defense Technology University, correct that such a large volume of Tianhe No.2 is actually a computer, tens of thousand high-performance processors like a heart, all of which can be used at the same time One problem, the international call competence calculation is also called a big challenge.

For example, weather forecast, oil exploration, etc., the amount of computation is very large, only supercomputer can handle it. It can also make capacity type calculations, that is, there are many resources that can accommodate thousands of users to share this computing resource. Compared with the Tianhe No. 1, the Calculating performance and calculation density of Tianhe No. 2 increased by more than 10 times, and the power consumption of the same calculation task is only 1/3 of the former. The advancement of this machine is not only conducive to China’s scientific and industry, but will drive the level of technology development in the supercomputer in decades.

Vice President of Intel, Ray Jie Hazra, said. In addition, Li Nan said that the Tianhe No. 2 got rid of the dependence on foreign technology, and some of the Chinese core of my country’s self-developed China core new generation central processor Tianhe Feiteng FT-1500, about all CPUs, which is currently domestic The highest high performance universal central processor. All-in-one shadow reporters have learned that before the official investment in the Tianhe No. 2, my country’s high-performance computing resources are relatively dispersed, and the service object is mostly government, scientific research units, failed to rise to the service emerging industry. Directly to the height of economic construction services.

The birth of Tianhe No.1 has changed this situation.

To a certain extent, the application of the supercomer system is more important than the computer itself. Meng Xiangfei, director of the national supercogramming Tianjin Center Application Department, said that the true performance of the supercomputer is generated in the use of various users. If there is no extensive practical application, the pursuit of performance will lose its meaning.

In November 2010, Tianjin Central Work focused on comprehensive steering application.

In just two years, Tianhe No.1 supercomputer system has constructed 5 high-performance computing application platforms such as oil exploration, biomedicine, anime and film super rendering, high-end equipment manufacturing product design and simulation, geographic information, etc. You can use the Tianhe No. 1 by applying, filling in the user information table, confirming the signature, audit, trial, and signing the protocol.

Since the application is applied to the final use, it takes only one week. A national supercomputer application level means a new level in this country’s overall innovation ability.

Liu Guangming, director of the Tianjin Super Cultural Center.

Li Nan, deputy director of Tianhe No. 2, said, specifically, our food and clothing, there is a shadow of supercomputer, which can help new materials, future clothes will become more comfortable and beautiful; help scientists carry rice, corn, The genetic analysis of pigs can improve their varieties, so that we can eat healthier and safe; help buildings will have a more stable, helping us to do weather forecasts, can guide our travel arrangements.

Help new cars, aircraft and high-speed rail design and manufacture, can improve our traffic conditions. It is possible to predict the disease Meng Xiangfei to explain to this reporter that the supercomputer helps to promote the upgrade and development of the industry, close to our lives, which makes the reporter’s impression is the role in life sciences. For example, pregnant women usually do a prenatal check. If you want to predict that children have a congenital disease, such as congenital deafness, congenital heart disease, etc., now is more way to do amniotic fluid, this is for pregnant women and fetuses There must be a certain life risk. The result of medical statistics will lead to a 1% mortality of newborns, but with supercomples do not have to worry about it, Meng Xiangfei said that the supercomputer can realize the genetic data of a large-scale group. Analysis and treatment, what is the gene fragment that causes these congenital diseases, in the clinical application, only the mother can find a small amount of blood, you can find the genetic segment of the fetus, find the genetic fragment of the disease, thus achieving realization No risk prediction. However, the Tianjin Super Calculation Center does not host personal users. Their direct partners are currently the Chinese Genetics Institute, and the major demanded hospitals can cooperate directly with Huada gene, and the hospital can give the extraction of pregnant women. Huadian Base Detection, then connect the supercomputer based on cloud service technology to make a gene comparison, then return the results to the hospital. This service has been present in some hospitals in Tianjin.

Meng Xiangfei revealed. The same method can also be applied to prediction of cancer such as women’s two cancers, effectively avoiding cancer to the late stage, and is missing to treat a good opportunity. In the field of medicine, with a supercomputer, the pharmaceutical industry will also achieve new breakthroughs. Take people’s cold, because the individual gene is different, people who have the same cold will eat the same cold medicine, and their effect is not the same, and even in some people will even have a reaction.

The supercomputer can help the drug designer to design a cold medicine corresponding to different genes, thereby developing a personalized drug, and is tailoring personalized treatment. For example, everyone will eat a kind of sensation, but in the future, a variety of genotypes will be produced, which is more symptomatic. But so far, I don’t understand what I have, in this regard, Meng Xiangfei said that with the supercomputer to promote the development of the pharmaceutical industry, it is expected that a person who wants to know about his own gene will be a very simple matter in the next few years. It is about a few thousand dollars.