Rui, refer to this big transaction, affecting China and the United States – (4)

Russia positioned Su-75 target users as partners in the Middle East, Southeast Asia and South Asia, and the Vice Premier of Russia, the Russia, and Su-75 has foreign buyers. Foreign media said that when the potential buyer of Su-75, I also mentioned that India, which may be sanctioned by the US S-400 due to the purchase of Russian S-400 by the US Sanctions and the S-400 transaction. Of course, there are countries that are desirable to get invisible fighters and are not so abundant.

To a certain extent, the UAE and Turkey, India have similar victims in the United States abuse national security concept. The Russian media also disclosed that at the Dubai Air Show, the UAE delegation contacted Russia’s Su-75 fighters. The UAE has developed the next generation of fighters and Russia to reach a preliminary agreement, although there is no further news, there is a media that has begun to guess whether Su-75 will become a new opportunity.

Russia has been seeking international partners in the development of the five generations, with funds, and needs from the most active arms market (Middle East).