Shandong released "Shandong Province" 14th Five-Year Plan "to build a world-class ocean port

Original title: Shandong released "Shandong Provincial" 14th "Marine Economic Development Plan" to build world first-class ocean port November 10, Shandong Provincial Government Information Office held a press conference, introduced the "Shandong Provincial Government Office" Shandong Province " Four Five "Ocean Economic Development Plan". The ocean is a strategic place to achieve high quality development during the new stage of development. Shandong is standing in Hai, because of the sea, the ocean is the maximum kinetic energy, maximum advantage and potential of Shandong development.遂 强 要 注 注 注 重 海 海 海 环境 环境 环境 环境 生 环境 环境 环境 环境 海 环境 环境 环境 环境 经济 环境 经济 经济 经济 环境 环境 环境 海 海 海 环境 海 海 海 海 海 海 海 海 海 环境 环境Ocean strong country made Shandong contribution.

The Shandong Provincial Party Committee, the provincial government has introduced "Shandong Oceanological Strong Provincial Construction Action Plan", which will be "marine strong province" as "the fourteenth five-year plan for Shandong National Economic and Social Development and the Outline of the Route Target Outline" Broad through the "One of the main goals," focusing on the development of the marine economy "is one of the key points of" Twelve Power ". "Planning" includes overall requirements, building a modern marine industrial system, building global ocean science and technology innovation highlands, building a world-class marine port, maintaining a sustainable marine ecological environment, and expanding the open cooperation space of the marine economy, promoting marine safety development and protection A total of 8 parts of measures.

Among them, Shandong in-depth implementation of innovative driving development strategy and science and technology Xinghai strategy, strengthening the construction of marine major science and technology infrastructure and high-end innovation platform, accelerating breakthroughs of marine core key technology, improve the standard system of marine sectors, improve from basic research, application research Transformation of the full chain marine technology innovation system, promoting the original innovation, subversion technological innovation in the ocean sector, cultivating the growth of innovative and innovative enterprises, and creating the gathering area of ??marine science and technology talents.

At the same time, build a world-class ocean port.

Targeting facilities, technology, management, service "four first-class" goals, do the large Shandong Port Group, speed up from transportation port, loading and unloading port to the hub, trade port, financial port transition. Building high-efficiency collaboration, wisdom green, co-transportation, and port production linkage, building a service, domestic international dual cycle, open interface and shipping hub. In-depth expansion of marine economy open cooperation space.

In-depth integration into the "One Belt", expanded to the field of "all the way" and expanded the field of open cooperation in the sea. Give full play to China (Shandong) free trade test area system innovation advantages, and build high-level marine open cooperation platforms.

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