The newly revised Safety Production Law will give these important knowledge points on September 1st. You should know

On June 10, 2021, the twenty-ninth meeting of the 13th National People’s Congress Standing Committee voted the decision on the revision of the safety production law.

The revised security production method will be implemented on September 1 this year.

After the revised security production method is perfecting the requirements of safety production, the main responsibility of production and business units will be implemented, and it is added to increase the content of the punishment of illegal punishment.

Let’s know together.

Knowledge point 1: Improve the principle of safe production work requires the strengthening of the party’s leadership of safety production work, implementing the spirit of the 19th National Committee of the Party, and the repair will write "three must" principles to the law.

Article 3 of the Amended Safety Production Law stipulates that the safety production work adheres to the leadership of the Communist Party of China. Safety production should take people-oriented, adhere to people’s first, life first, to protect people’s lives safety in the first place, social security development concept, insist on safety first, prevention, comprehensive management, from the source to prevent significant security risks .

The safety production work must be safe, and the management operation must be safe. The management management operation must be safe, strengthened and implemented the main responsibility of the production and business unit and the government supervision responsibility. Establish production and business units, employee participation, government supervision, industry self-discipline And social supervision mechanism.

Knowledge point 2: The safety production method after consolidating the safety production of the production and business unit further implements the safety production responsibility system, especially the legal responsibility of the relevant person in charge.

First, ensure that the safety production responsibility system of production and business units is in place. The revised safety production method clearly clarifically the main person in charge of the production and business unit is the first responsible person of the safety production of the unit, and the safety production work in this unit is fully responsible. Other responsible people are responsible for the safety production work within the scope of responsibilities. It is stipulated that the production and business unit must comply with the laws, regulations of this law and other relevant safety production, strengthen safety production management, establish and improve the safety production responsibility system and safety production rules, and increase the safety production funds, materials, techniques, and personnel. Input security, improve safety production conditions, strengthen safety production standardization, information construction, and build safety risk classification control and hidden dangers and control double preventive mechanisms, improve risk prevention and resolution mechanism, improve safety production level, and ensure safe production.

The second is to strengthen safety production precautions. After the revised security production law stipulates that the production and business unit shall establish a safety risk classification control system and take corresponding control measures in accordance with safety risk.

Production and business units should establish and implement the investigation and control system of the production safety accident hidden dangers, take technical, management measures, and obey the accident and eliminate the hidden dangers. The investigation and governance of accident hidden dangers should be recorded, and the employee will not be reported to practitioners through the employee conference or employee representative conference, information publicity column. Among them, the investigation and governance of major accident hidden dangers should be reported to the department and employee congress or employee representative meeting of safety production supervision and management responsibilities.

Knowledge point 3: Increase humanistic care for practitioners in recent years, due to abnormal production safety accidents due to employee behavior, this refinement increases humanistic care of practitioners, effectively prevents the occurrence of similar production safety accidents. For example, clarifying the production and business units should pay attention to the physical, psychological status and behavioral habits of practitioners, strengthen the psychological counseling of practitioners, spiritual comfort, strict implementation of post safety production, and prevent the behavior of practitioners.

The high-risk industry, which is required to belong to the state, and the production and operation units in the field should be insured for safety production responsibility insurance.

If the high-risk industry, the production and operation units in the field shall not invest in safe production responsibility insurance, order to correctly correct, a fine of less than 50,000 yuan but not more than 100,000 yuan; Fine. In addition, it has also increased the security of platform economical practitioners. Increasing the requirements of the platform economy and other emerging industries, the production and business units in the field should establish and improve the safety production responsibility system of the industry, strengthen the safety production education and training of practitioners, and implement this law and other laws and regulations. The prescribed security production obligations. Knowledge point 4: Increase the punishment of illegal acts worthy, this safety production method has made a series of targeted provisions on the issue of "repeatedly banned, repeated penalty" in the field of safety production, and increased violations The punishment of behavior. First, the punishment is more strict. If the production and business unit violates the provisions of this Law, it shall be ordered to be corrected and fined, and the department that does not correct. The department with safety production supervision and management responsibilities can make the subsidiary of the day, according to the original penalty Punish.

Second, the fine amount is higher.

For example, in order to specify the production safety accident, in addition to the responsibility of the responsible production and business unit, the emergency management department is fined by the emergency management department in accordance with the following provisions: (1) 300,000 A fine of less than one million yuan or less; (2) a fine of large accidents, a fine of less than one million yuan or more yuan; (3) a major accident, more than 2 million yuan The fines below the yuan; (4) a particular major accident, a fine of less than 10 million yuan or more yuan or more. Production safety accidents, the circumstances are particularly serious, and the emergency management department can impose a fine of responsible production and business units below twice the amount of fines in the preceding fines.

This means that the fine is up to 100 million yuan.

The third is that the discipline is greater. Relevant departments and institutions should have an increase in the production and business units and their relevant practitioners in the presence of the faith, and the project approval, the project approval, and raise joint disciplinary measures such as insurance rate, industry or occupational ban, and publicize the society. . At the same time, the departments of the safety production supervision and management responsibility should strengthen the timely acquisition, sharing, application and disclosure of the administrative penalties for production and operation units, and the seven working days after the production and business unit, the seven working days of the supervision and management department publicity system Public exposure, strengthening the social supervision of illegal uninform production and business units and their relevant practitioners, and improve the integrity level of the whole society. Knowledge point 5: Promote the construction of mine safety rule of law in recent years, many accidents have exposed a mine outsourcing construction team qualification, rent, lending and on-site management chaos, etc. The rule of law is put forward. The revised security production method standardizes the construction management of outsourcing of mine construction projects.

Among them, the construction units of the mining, metal smelting construction projects and construction projects for production, storage, and unloading dangerous goods should strengthen the safety management of the construction project, not to sell, rent, borrow, and do or use other forms of illegal transfer of construction qualifications. However, the entire construction project of its contracting is not allowed to the third party or the entire construction project of the contract is submitted to the third person in the name of the subcontract, and the project binders must not be partned not with corresponding qualifications. unit.

In addition, on the basis of the operation of blasting, hoisting, etc., it should arrange special personnel for on-site safety management to ensure the implementation of the operation procedures and the implementation of the operation procedures. Knowledge points 6: Reinforced new problems, new risks, prevention, responding to the exterior of the emerging field is not safe production. The safety production method profoundly learned from the accident lessons in recent years, which made targeted regulations on new issues in safety production accidents.

For example, the production and operation unit requiring the catering and other industries shall be installed with gas-fired alarms, and ensure that the construction units such as high-risk industries such as mines are required to strengthen safety management, and they must not illegally transfer construction qualifications. Package; institutions requiring safety assessment, certification, testing, and inspection responsibilities should establish and implement public public and reporting publication systems, do not rent qualifications, hanging, and false reports. At the same time, for new risks arising from new states, new models, it also emphasizes the establishment of sound and implementation of safety responsibility system, strengthening the education and training of practitioners, and performing legal safety production obligations. (Editor: Liang Qiping, Deng Zhihui) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.