Release more "ecological bonus" to create Qinghai green development upgrade

  General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "The biggest value in Qinghai is ecological, the biggest responsibility is ecological, the biggest potential is also ecological."

Qinghai Province, in accordance with General Secretary of Xi Jinping, the "three biggest" requirements of Xi Jinping, the transformation of the transformation of the green development throughout the process of economic and social development, with practical actions, "Green Water Qingshan is Jinshan Yinshan" "Snow Mountain Grassland is also Jinshan A new picture of Yinshan. In the future, Qinghai promotes "one excellent two high" strategy, and the ultimate in the road of Damei Qinghai, we must closely surround the green development main line of "landscape", fully explore "ecological wealth", release more "ecological bonus" , Realize the mountains, good water, and grazing of Qinghai, "Yin Snow Mountain" and "Golden Grass".

  First, I have a good "Mountain Character" Qinghai is the mountain. The new fulcrum in the future green development in Qinghai is in the mountains. It is necessary to read "Mountain Character", and break out a new world of "Eating Mountain". One is to make the snow mountain. Qinghai Snow Mountain, Glacier Guangfu. Kunlun Mountain is standing, filling, Qilian Mountain air is fresh, the scenery, Anima Qing Mountain is safe, the momentum works, this very shocking natural landscape is extremely rare in developed regions. Qinghai must do a good job in "the mountain as the media, in the snow,", transforming this natural advantage into an economic advantage, making cold resources into a heat economy.

The focus is the core as the core of Kunlun Mountain, Qilian Mountain and Anima Qingshan, and the ice and snow tourism entertainment complex, such as ice and snow, ice and snow, ice and snow entertainment, meeting vacation. Next, we should focus on brand, use new media platforms such as WeChat, shake, and broaden the promotion channels, and increase the accurate marketing efforts. Actively strive to obtain national support in infrastructure such as poverty alleviation routes and high-speed rail construction, reduce traffic costs, let external tourists enter Qinghai, enter the snow mountain, hiking adventure, and the snow scene is more quick and convenient. Fully integrate hot spring resources, cultural resources and rural resources, enrich the ice and snow sightseeing tourism industry, putting the snow mountains in Qinghai, realizing tourism development and ecological protection, beauty, beauty and total.

The second is to put the forest land. For Qinghai, beauty is an attractive, beautiful is productivity, we must vigorously develop beautiful economy, do a live-regenerative industry, take measures to accelerate the "green clothing" project. For Yilin Land to be green to technology, use the scientific method to plant trees, use the information method to control forest protection forest, create "climate intelligent" forestry, promote the transformation of land to green, beautify, ecological economic, and plant one with practical action The "shake money tree" of the ecological and rich people will seize the "Huagua Mountain" of the foundation.

High-paying domestic first-class agricultural and forestry experts, guidance construction from the forest under the forest, and then collected by the forest, letting the Nuggets in the mountains are no longer a dream.

Unified "Qing" brand forest ecological product brand, focus on the unique, "money driving" brand. Multi-point construction with black 枸杞, the pear and cherry as the main body "Flower Hero Garden", build a new experience economy, and gradually realize the transition from "people to hill" to "hill nurse". Second, playing "water music" Qinghai is the source of water. The potential of Qinghai is in the water. If the "green water" becomes "jade water", "Yu Water" changes "rich water", do a large water-related industry, and develops the water-related economy, so that rich water resources are gums silver. First, the water is playing, playing. Qinghai hot spring resources are enriched, the quality is excellent, to rely on hot springs, create a leisure resort in the integration of hot springs, sports play, business meetings. The river in Qinghai is cross-faced, and the lake is very suitable for various kinds of fishing activities. It can hold a variety of events, attracting the vast fishing enthusiasts of Xiaoshan Lishui at home and abroad to enter the magical land of Qinghai, promote Qinghai.

With the gradual zooming in the cyclot effect of the Qinghai Lake International Highway, the next step is to focus on the Shanghai Lake International Automobile Rally, Motorcycle Crossing Rounds and Racing Exchange Conference, let the "three cars and one horse" event attracted more tourists to Qinghai Tell the card, visit the green wild, wash the soul.

Second, the water is used in drinking, waiting. Qinghai is one of the world’s four major non-pollution-ultimate areas. Nature is more high-quality zero-polluted water source, which is ideal for developing high-grade mineral water. Many world-class high-grade mineral water brands.

Qinghai 枸杞, seabuckthorn and other plateau special plants are rich, we must look at the world, first-class standard, choose business, develop high-end health drinks, occupying high-end beverage markets. Good water, good wine, to optimize all kinds of wine products such as heavy wine, alcohol, and push all kinds of wine products with Qinghai characteristics, concentrate unified packaging to domestic and high-end markets.

Qinghai cold water resources are very rich, high-quality, non-pollutable cold waterfish represented by salmon, rainbow trout, gold trout, to strengthen the green organic quality of Qinghai fisheries and improve the comprehensive benefits of breeding.

Third, the money of water is raising, and it is supplemented.

In order to protect the safety of the Qinghai water resources and water, realize the integrated protection of lagma lake, need to establish a unified water-ecological transfer payment system, gradually form a benign circulation of "human water, water nurse".

Protecting the "Sanjiang Source" "China Water Tower", constructing cross-regional across regional ecological compensation mechanisms is a key trick, and we must fully consider the source of the big river, the indicators such as departure, and enrich Qinghai. Water resources "chemical water is gold". Third, the "Golden Grass" Qinghai is one of the five major pastoral areas in my country. The beauty of Qinghai is in the mountains, in the water, more in the grass, it is necessary to use the vast, beautiful holy pragralled, and gather fortune.

First, carefully carefully "Golden Grass".

The Qinghai Grass industry, the grass economy must be used, so that this "golden grass" gets a systematic recuperation. Grassfertranean beef and sheep fertilizer.

To respect the historical inheritance, experience accumulation and cultural custom of the pastoral area, implement strict seasonal zone rounds and return to the cycling system; adhere to the grass and animal, five animal balance, integrated grassland villages, human equipment, to take cooperation model, Improve the efficiency of grassland resources utilization.

To build a regulatory mechanism that dare not destroy, destruction, uses satellite ground remote sensing techniques to take effective measures to severely crack down on various illegal reclamation, invading and destroying grasslands.

To increase the prevention and control of rat poison, increase financial investment efforts, do a good job in survey, carry out risk assessments, according to the principle of the object, promote the use of biological prevention and control, protect the earth "skin" ".

It is necessary to increase the re-establishment of black soil beach and desertification vegetation, cultivate new pasture, improved degraded grassland, promote artificial grassland and high-yield feed base construction, improve grassland productivity, and realize "green rich." Second, science uses "golden grass". It fully relies on abundant sunshine, less pests and diseases, and the superiority is excellent in digging into the value of the grassland, turning the green grass in the Qinghai into "golden grass". It is necessary to cultivate and introduce excellent kinds of livestock and poultry suitable for different regional environments in Qinghai Province, and promote the production of autumn and winter season livestock and poultry cultural fertilizer technology. Protection project, let Qinghai green organic animal husbandry products "out of the sea". High sea level, cold and dry, dry the Qinghai a natural "cradle" of high-quality insect resources.

To increase the investment in scientific and technological, break through the technical problems of artificial cultivation of Cordyceps sinensis, and gradually achieve quantitative production, build Cordyceps sinensis into a true rich people industry. Relying on Qinghai-unique medicinal materials, set up special fund pools in China Tibetan Medicine, and accelerates the construction of industrial chains such as seedling base, scale planting, processing pharmaceutical, increase product added value, high quality, high output, low-residual medicinal materials, Create a national important Chinese medicine primary medicine production base. (The author is deputy director and professor for the Institute of Qinghai Development Strategy, Qinghai Provincial Party Committee, "Editor: Liu Peiran, Chen Mingju).