The peasant harvest is 45 seconds to see what is called the iron "rice bowl"!

  CCTV News: On September 23, 202, it was the fourth flyback "autumn" in the fall. my country ushered in the fourth peasant harvest, which is also the first harvest of the poverty.

  The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) defines the concept of Cereal as cereals, including wheat, coarse grains (mainly corn) and three large rice.

The World Bank data shows that since 1986, China’s cereal crops has grown from the world.From the "father of hybrid rice", the academician of the "Hybrid Rice", gave a few millions of farmers, and they all made 1.4 billion Chinese in their own hands in their own hands in silently.

In recent years, my country’s food production is stable. It is understood that 2020 food production reached 100 million tons, which has stabilized for six consecutive years or more.At present, my country is still in the "basic self-sufficiency of grains, absolute safety", and strives to make the people "There are food in their hands."(Editor: Yue Hongbin, Haojiang Zhen) Share more people to see.