The new model is an e-commerce listed company growth

Original title: The new model has become the "annual newspaper season" of e-commerce listed companies. Although it is affected by many disadvantages such as neoguanponic epidemic, Jingdong, spell, Vipcom will still use strong growth Responding to the market, and the innovative business such as live e-commerce has become a shirt of the e-commerce industry in the "non-contact" background.

The Net Society Electronic Commerce Research Center released the "2020 China E-commerce Listed Companies Market Value Data Analysis Report" showed that 74 e-commerce listed companies as of December 31, 2020, the total market value of trillion yuan, 2019 66 trillion yuan in total market value increased significantly.

Among them, 12 new listing e-commerce companies in 2020 were trillion. The size of the user is presented "Matthew effect" compared to the 2020 financial report discovery of major e-commerce giants (the Alibaba Group data quoted in this article is calculated according to the natural year), Jingdong’s business income occupies the first place, Alibaba’s net profit is the highest, "sucking gold" The ability is enhanced, and it is a trick that many users are in the large number of users.

The size of the e-commerce users "Matthew effect" is obvious, spent, Jingdong, Ali occupies a large number of users, the number of users is still expanding, and some of the users of some small and medium-sized e-commerce companies are obviously shrinking.

Jingdong Annual Report showed that as of December 31, 2020, Jingdong’s active purchase users reached 100 million, and the net increase of billion active users throughout the year. More than 80% of the "huge amount" growth comes from the sinking market. Long-term cultivation of the sinking market, the scale of the number of active buyers, surpass Alibaba billion, and became the first e-commerce platform of China’s users. It is one of the landmark incidents of my country’s electric business community in many years. In the future, it will be more intense in stock users, expand urban users and sinking markets. Chen Huidong, a special researcher, Beijing Dong Xiateng Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd., Beijing Dong Xiateng Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd., believes that with the improvement of rural infrastructure in my country, agricultural products enter the city speed, agricultural products e-commerce have also begun. Overall, user dividends in the sinking market may be reduced, but the total user’s dividend basis is still larger.

The "contactless" requirements of the new model should have accelerated the development of new consumption habits, and also spawned a batch of new e-commerce models. On June 18, 2020, in the live broadcast channel of Jingdong App, Li Xiaochu, secretary of Fengcheng Municipal Party Committee, Jiangxi Province, sat in front of the table filled with various products, and smashed the local characteristics together with the Secretary of Fengcheng Municipal Party Committee. Rice.

In the 2-hour live broadcast time on June 18, Li Xiachu led the official "marketing group" to attract more than 6 million views in 6 live rooms, with accumulated sales of more than 70 million yuan.

Net red belt, star belt, store belt … "live band" model has become 2020 e-commerce keywords.

Taobao, Jingdong, fast hand, jam and many online business have entered the game, speeding up the development speed of live goods. Live equipment has become the "standard" of e-commerce companies, and the "grip" of the merchant, the live penetration rate is further improved. The reporter found that many head e-commerce, including Taobao, Jingdong, and many head e-commerce in the platform open "live broadcast" channel.

2020 "Double 11", Suning, Tmall, Jingdong, and spell more and other e-commerce simultaneously pulled the party with live broadcast into the "Double 11" shopping farm, where Suning live broadcast through the network red man Luo Yonghao liveband volume exceeded 2 100 million yuan. Is it enough only to live? Recently, Suning Tesco’s red kids Nanjing Xu Zhuang headquarters original purchase member Zhao Ricixiang has a new identity "live shopping shopping". Thanks to Suning Tesco’s first live store in the world – fun shopping, Zhao Rixiang starts from traditional sales to the most fresh and fondant live band.

Unlike traditional commercial plazas, simple online broadcast is different, located in Nanjing, Suning Tesco, Tour, Tour, Integrated Live Sales and Anchorage, integrating into commercial entities, let consumers realize fragmentation shopping while bringing "Worth" shopping experience. Zhao Lijiang introduced that in the interior of fun, there is a professional live broadcast between maternal and child, make-up, skin care, play, food and other professional live broadcasts, and the live broadcast of the kitchen, living room, etc. , Can more intuitively understand product characteristics.

These new models have become a new business growth of 2020 e-commerce listed companies.

According to the "China Internet Development Statistics Report" issued by the China Internet Information Center, since 2013, my country has become the world’s largest network retail market for 8 consecutive years. In 2020, my country’s online retailes reached trillion, which increased in 2019.

As of December 2020, my country’s e-commerce live users reached 100 million, and users who bought goods in e-commerce lives have accounted for% of overall e-commerce live users.

The sinking market wins the dividend in addition to the "live broadcast", each e-commerce platform is also striving to sink the market and expand the "track". The reporter noted that agricultural and sideline products have become the fastest growing categories last year, and the turnover of agricultural and sideline products reached 270 billion yuan in 2020, the scale doubled, accounting for the annual turnover.%.

At the end of 2020, the number of active buyers in many years increased by 35% year-on-year. "E-commerce has the connection function of information flow and logistics, and can sink the market through the platform.

For example, open the logistics and information flow in villages, let users and merchants in the sinking market break the physical distance, break the information disaggregated.

The sinking market is also one of the people in China’s e-commerce field. It belongs to the market that is currently rapid incremental users. E-commerce will drive positive changes in the vast rural consumer market. "Zhongnan University of Economics and Law Digital Economics Research Institute" Executive Dean and Lin said.

What won the sinking market? Jingdong Group launched the Jingxi Platform, Jingdong Express Edition and Services under Shenyang Jingdong Home Appliances Store, etc .; Taobao Special Edition and other tools focus on rural markets; Suning Tesco released 2020 annual performance express report, 2020 Suning Easy to buy retail Yun Jiyuan has expanded rapidly, and 320 new open shops in the whole year. It has established channel leading advantages in the third-four market, and more and more branders choose to strengthen cooperation with retail clouds.

Intercourse of China Information Association, Zhu Keli, founding Dean, National Institute, said that the economic daily reporter said that the Sinking market will be fully mature in 3 years and 5 years, and the resonance of new urbanization and rural revitalization, diversified supply capacity Continuous improvement, continuous optimization of urban and rural consumption structure and multiple factors such as value increment brought about new technologies, the future Sinking market will further release the new potential energy consumption. (Editor: Luo Zhi, Lu Wei) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.