The first Erdos International Creative Cultural Conference press conference held in Beijing

On June 20th, the 3rd Ordos International Nadam Conference and the first Ordos International Creative Cultural Conference press conference were held in the Beijing Diaoyutai Guesthouse.

Lu people, director of the Industrial Cultural Development Center of the Erdos Municipal Party Committee, Industrial Culture Development Center, Industrial and Information Technology, Department of Publicity, Minister of Publicity, Minister of Publicity Su Jianrong, Municipal Party Committee, Secretary-General Zhang Zhanlin, Deputy Mayor Li Guoyuan, Industrial Cultural Development Center, Industrial Cultural Development Center, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Ma Xiang and other attended the press conference.

Nadu is Mongolian, Chinese translation as a competitive, entertainment, gathering, is a traditional sports activity form of the Mongolian people’s favorite, so far there has been a history of thousands of years. It is reported that the 3rd Ordos International Nadama City is the theme of four seasons, with the popularity, tree image, pushing three intensive (financing, integration, integrating business), adjustment, transformation, music people as the goal, and adhering to unity, Warm, fashion, frugality concept, highlight the government guidance, corporate leadership, market operation, national participation, aimed at building national style and modern fashion, domestic well-known cultural and sports brand, building a national leisure holiday destination, further enhancement The popularity, reputation and influence of Ordos.

The conference is divided into two phases.

In the first phase, the continued activity phase has been continued until the end of March this year. During the period, more than 270 activities have been held, both international, national, autonomous regional and municipal sports events, as well as literary performances, exhibitions, cultural tourism and other content.

In terms of sports events, there are 45 international, national and provincial level event activities. From June 2nd to 4, the National Martial Arts Taijiquan Open has been held.

In August, 2016 China Inner Mongolia International, China, China, China University of Mongolia, the national student badminton tournament; in late August will host Erdos International Marathon; September will also host sports events such as Li Ning National Youth Basketball League.

In terms of cultural activities, 16 of the 2016 Grassland International Dance, Ordos poetry Nadam, 2016 Art Erdos International Art Season, etc. will be held.

In terms of tourism activities, 16 activities such as the 5th China International Camping Conference, and the National High-end Forum, the National Newspaper Tourism Conference, and the Grassland Desert Field Survival Challenge will be held. The second phase is a centralized activity phase, will be held from August 22nd to 27th. The ceremony will be held, concentrated in the new era, a good spiritual style of the group and daughter of the grassland people, and the good spirit of enterprising, and innovative entrepreneurship. Holding the Central Madam Sports Event, focusing on the men’s three art (horse racing, wrestling, archery), football match, chess competition, etc. 15 game projects.

Host grassland carnival activities, including RV Camping Music Night, 2016 Zhongtai Culture Tourism Friendly Camp and Walking Ordos Culture Tour, 2016 Ordos International City Music Festival, etc.

The first Ordos International Creative Cultural Conference is in the world of Huizhi, and the content of the future is the same, including the contest, forum, exhibition transactions, etc. The activity is divided into three phases. First, the continued activity phase: from late March this year, it has continued until early August, mainly including the launching creative design contest, creative culture conference into colleges and universities, entering the park.

The second is to concentrate on activities: will be conducted on August 22nd to 27th, including 3 activities of creative activities, forums, awards ceremony.

Among them, the creative activities will carry out creative living week, street interactive conference, project road performance exhibition, exchange, transaction, etc. Service Design Education Seminar, Service Model Manufacturing and Big Data, Youth Creative Subject Forum. Creative Design Competition will be widely collected for domestic and overseas areas, including industrial design, crafts, and visual conveying 3 categories. The competition set the organizing committee award, a prize of 1 million yuan; 15 first prizes; 30 second prizes, 45 third prizes, 50 popular prizes, 10 Excellent Awards, Network Voting Participants Award 500. The third is the resulting promotion phase: starting in early September, working with international domestic well-known design trading platforms, recommending the implementation of the work online transaction, and establishing a creative design resource library, encouraging the library work to participate in the international domestic evaluation, and reward the winning works. Establishing an Erdos Creative Results Venture Investment Fund, an investment support for an assessment demonstration.

Initially encourage cultural consumption, innovate public cultural services, increase the procurement of financial resources to creative product services, and encourage local enterprises to apply all kinds of creative results. Erdos has successfully held two Erdos International Nadam Conference, has achieved good results, forming its unique brand charm and extensive influence, becoming important windows and platforms showing Erdos and even Inner Mongolia style.

The 3rd Ordos International Nadam Conference and the First Ordos International Creative Cultural Conference will further drive the development of modern service industry such as Ordos City culture, tourism, and sports, promote the transformation and upgrading of regional industries, enhance Erdos’ s reputation and influence. In particular, through centrally displaying the new achievements of national regional autonomous policies, show new results in Inner Mongolia, Ordos national unity and public entrepreneurship and innovation.

At the press conference, Lu Min, director of the Industrial Cultural Development Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, introduced the first Erdos International Creative Design Competition.

Fan Hongbin, President of China Dance Network, introduced the 2016 Grassland International Dance Carnival.

CHC Jasma Main Club China Chief Representative Chen Haoling, introduced the 2016 China Inner Mongolia International Pharma Culture Festival. Pure blood speed horses.