The national absorption foreign capital increased by 17.8% in the country, the main army

[] On the 15th, the Ministry of Commerce issued data show that January-October, the country actually used foreign capital of billion yuan, year-on-year increase% (excluding banks, securities, insurance fields, and below). From the perspective of the industry, the actual use of foreign capital is 100 million yuan, a year-on-year growth.

The actual use of high-tech industries has increased year-on-year, among which high-tech services have increased by 10%. "10 months before this year, the service industry absorbed foreign capital accounted for nearly 80% of the national absorption foreign investment, and is a veritable main force.

"Zheng Wei, deputy researcher, China Service Outsourcing Research Center, said that the" Economic Report "reporter said that the current world economy has entered the era of service economic economy, and the value of service industry accounts for increasing GDP, which has become the main force to promote the growth of the world economy. As China’s economic development is continuously improved, the needs of services, especially high-end service industries is increasing.

International service industry is to see huge potential and development opportunities in the Chinese market, began to hurry to invest in China and seize the opportunity. It is worth noting that my country’s service industry will also usher in more favorable. Chang Changqing, Director of the Ministry of Commerce, said, the next step, China will further reduce the negative list of foreign admissions, and expand the openness of telecommunications and medical services, and revise the "Encourage Foreign Investment Industry Catalog", introduce free trade. Negative list of cross-border service trade in the test area. Zheng Wei said that in recent years, China’s opening of China has been more and more, constantly compressing the special management measures for foreign investment access negative lists, reducing the threshold for service industry foreign market access, foreign investment in the service industry to create a good opportunity. At the same time, China is open to highland in the self-trade test area, Hainan Trade Port, etc. Development dividend. In the first 10 months, my country’s absorption of foreign investment has more highlights. According to the data, the actual investment of "a belt all the way" and the ASEAN actual investment increased by the national and the ASEAN (including investment data through free port); from the perspective of regional distribution, the actual use of foreign investment in the eastern part of my country is growing year-on-year. %,% And 9%. Zong Changqing said that this year is the "14th Five-Year Plan" start.

According to the Party Central Committee, the State Council stabilizes the fundamental discussion and "Six Steady" "Six Bao" decision-making deployments, the Ministry of Commerce will promote the work of all regions, and have achieved remarkable results.

The actual use of foreign investment in the country has reached a new high, and the introduction structure is further optimized, and the quality of attracting is continuously improved. Next, my country will further improve the quality of foreign capital.

Meng Huating, deputy director of the foreign trade division of the Ministry of Commerce, said in answering the "Economic Report" reporter, in the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, an important direction in our country’s use of foreign investment work is to continue to optimize Using foreign investment structure, continuously improve the quality and level of foreign capital, service business high quality development and economic high quality development.

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