Carry out the training activities.

On the 5-kilometer border of the city of Ruili City, Germany, the mountain is high, the mountain is high, the wet is difficult.

"As a long, leading everyone to keep this border, is my first responsibility." Wang Liya said.

She is both the main person in charge of the Dehong State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau, and is also the state-level unit of the state-level unit.

Since the epidemic, she has taken the lead in going to overcome various harsh conditions to invest in the work work. Under the leadership of Wang Riya, the worth of the dehiscus "National Gate Pioneer" party sexual exercise base, and established a Temporary Party Branch, launched a number of theme party days activities, organizing card points to carry out the guards of the guards. Since the sought-by, she should be familiar with the size of the card, she should be well known, the transformation and construction of the responsibility. She is working in the overall situation. The rainforest always sees her back and forth the movement. There is no giant to prevent the main body of the epidemic prevention and control. Responsibility. "Supervise and inspection of border epidemic prevention and control work, in addition to consulting desk account, taking a unannounced visit, but also to the front line, while carrying out the ‘experience’ supervision while paying, letting questions in the first-line discovery, resolved in a line.

"Dehong State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau Commission for Discipline Inspection, Ma Xiangyan, in-depth, strict value of the class, deepening the style of work, and performing a fresh and specific understanding of various workflows and operations, and the" probe "will be supervised the border prevention and control First-line. The patrol value is responsible.