Russian Navy completed the "zircon" high supersonic missile

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that the Russian Navy successfully tried a "zircon" high supersonic missile (hereinafter referred to as "zircon" missiles on the day.

The missile launched from the "North Devinsk" nuclear underwater 40 meters, and the predetermined goals were exactly hit after flying 350 kilometers.

The trial verified the sound of the "zircon" missile, showing the strength of Russia in the field of high supersonic weapons.

"Ace" weapon debut "zircon" is an intake high supercapudent cruise missile, which combats the task target with a flight speed of more than 5 Mach, and can break through the existing air defense system, which is used to combat large ship clusters and land. High value time sensitivity target, there is a "aircraft mother killer".

The "zircon" missile is unveiled, it is defined as the "ace" weapon in Russia.

According to foreign media reports, the maximum flight speed of "zircon" missiles reached 8 Mach, and the range of more than 1,000 kilometers. The missile is designed by the Russian Cheros design, adopting active / semi-active radar guidance, and has good adaptability in complex sea-air electromagnetic environments. Before launching, the "zircon" bullet is put into the image of the target ship in advance. In the attack target, the missile can be optimized according to real-time image optimization guidance.

Due to the high degree of secretness of technology, the specific parameters of the "zircon" missile will be announced.

From the officially released picture, the missile is designed with a homogeneous body, a small body shape, and has a good stealth performance.

The biggest feature of the "zircon" missile is its power system.

According to reports, the missile uses the world’s most advanced and technical ultra-combined engine.

Such an engine is powered by inhaling air as an oxidant and produces power with the fuel carried by itself.

Studies have shown that in the case of consuming the same mass propellant, the super-combustion engine can produce a thrust of the ordinary rocket engine, fully meet the requirements of the "zircon" missile to speed and power.

With this technology, the "zircon" missile realizes the full power control of flight, and can break through the carrier air defense system to complete the strike task. Verifying the Burning Competition Benefits, at the end of February 2020, the Russian Navy uses the "Gorushkov Navy Marshal" frigate to test the "zircon" missile, marking the missile to formally become a anti-ship missile that can be launched from the water. .

On October 4th, underwater trials, the "zircon" missiles were verified the combat capability of "North Devinsk" nuclear submarines. "North Devinsk" nuclear submarine is Russian 885m (NATO CSO Yarsrand) attack nuclear submarine, 120 meters long, 9,500 tons of water drainage, underwater maximum speed 31.

The boat is equipped with advanced communication navigation equipment, mainly for anti-submarine, anti-ship combat.

The boat also has good stealth performance and deep potential, with almost quite attackers with the cruiser. The high supersonic weapon is transmitted from the nuclear submarine, which is a new type of combat style in the innovation of Russia in recent years. As we all know, the weapon system is inseparable from the platform, and the high supersonic weapon is especially true.

"Zircon" missiles from underwater launch must not only face complex foreign streams, but also solve the problem of water state stability and communication between missiles and nuclear submarines, etc., these are challenged the launch.

The underwater test was tested the system operation ability of the "North Devinsk" nuclear submarine equipped with the "zircon" missile, marking the Russian military operational ability.

From the "Gorushkov Navy Marshal" frigate to the "North Devinsk" nuclear submarine, it means that the transmit carrier of the "zircon" missile is expanded from the water. The speed of speed of high supersonic missiles, accurately combating the hidden machine of the nuclear submarine, will achieve a combat effect of 1 + 12. Creating a non-nuclear deterrent force in 2014, the Russian Ministry of Defense issued the "Russian Federation Military Society", pointing out that non-nuclear high-precision strategic weapons are "one of the main external threats" facing Russia, emphasizing Russia to build "non-nuclear containment system", and Russian strategic deterrence will be from Single nuclear deterrent transformation is a combination of non-nuclear deterrence and nuclear deterrence, and the non-nuclear deterrent strength has gradually become effective strategic deterrent. "Zircon" as a powerful conventional strategic weapon, combat efficiency and deterrence ability, will become the basis of non-nuclear deterrent strength.

First, the "zircon" missile has a powerful system breakthrough.

The missile can avoid enemy scouting system with special flight ballistics.

At the same time, the last stage of the missile reached 8 Mach, in contrast, the US military "Aegis" defense system interceptor flight speed does not exceed 3 Mach, theoretical "zircon" missile’s protractive success rate of 95 %above. Second, the "zircon" missile can be launched by different platforms.

The "zircon" missile except from the frigate and nuclear submarine, the future can be launched by Figure -160m2 and a new generation of strategic bombers.

In addition, the land base version is also developing.

Relying on the "zircon" missile, Russia is building land, sea, and empty non-nuclear deterrent power combat system. Third, the "zircon" missile constitutes a serious threat to the US aircraft carrier.

The aircraft carrier battle group is the US Navy’s strength to send the cornerstone, and the core means of the US military to operate in the ocean combat and deterrence.

After the nuclear submarine is installed with high supersonic weapons, it has the ability to high-speed assault to the aircraft carrier, and can offset the traditional advantages and deterrent effects of the aircraft carrier.

It is reported that the Russian plan will be equipped with "Zircon" missiles, "North Devinsk" nuclear submarines and "Kazan" nuclear submarines are deployed in the Yuanhai area to defend Russia’s security benefits and maintain strategic balance.

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