Strengthen "five focus" to improve the level of digital government

Digital is changing human society with irreversible trends.In the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, my country’s digital government construction entered a comprehensive improvement stage, paying more attention to the maturity of data system, collaborative governance fusion, realization of digital economic services, and digital environment support.In the face of new changes, the province’s comprehensive improvement of digital government construction level must cracize several bottlenecks: First, there is a contractual shortage of new digital infrastructure, there is a target planning and business application does not match the problem; the second is that the utilization of data resources is not openHigh; third, the number of people who serve the number of people in the number of people is not strong enough; the fourth is that the government’s effectiveness to carry out social governance is to improve; five is that the integrated security mechanism has not yet been formed.

Recommendations focus on the following aspects force, accelerate the construction of new government figures across the province. Focus "top-level design", promote high standards of digital government to promote the construction of digital government building, you first need to improve top-level design.

On the planning guide, "Digital Government" should deepen the reform as a "discharge tube dress" reform, key initiatives to promote supply-side structural reforms and high quality development, based on "the province’s a game of chess," to build the overall operation, collaborative sharing, service service-oriented government under the integrated online and offline; in the organizational structure, proposed the establishment of provincial, city and county agencies big data management, adhere to promote integration, a network layout, a chain blessing to co-ordinate the province’s digital government building, regulatory and operational ; on the goals and tasks, learn from the successful experience at home and abroad, to build "a cloud bearer of a Netcom, a shared pool, run through the issue, one of the security" of the new government figures.

Focus "Internet sharing" starting point to promote the standardization of standard construction standard system is interconnected information systems share an important prerequisite for safe and reliable. Currently, the province government figures Standards for a revision of the overall progress of the preparation of slow, restricted the open sharing of data, should accelerate the improvement of evaluation, assessment, monitoring and promotion mechanism, it is imperative to establish based on the "data, technology, management, services, security "five in one unified standards system.

Focus "put tube dress," and to promote high-quality business process reengineering revolution to achieve full chain business process reengineering is a revolutionary information system to solve the duplication of functions, the key to a coordinated move difficult, but also deepen the "discharge tube dress," a new round of reform of important catch hand. Should comb through the full range of core business and organizational digitization, standardization matters, science and reengineering business processes, accelerate the "one China Netcom to do" "through inter-provincial Office" and other new service model floor.

Focus "application security", to promote a high level of software adaptation ecological construction safety review to the front.

Safety is the key to guarantee the construction of government figures.

Should the legislative and technical point of view, must ensure that any digitization project to make technical and safety front line review, examine and obtain a certificate issued by the appointing authority.

Otherwise, the project is not approved, the funds do not give, but also accountable.

Speed up the block chain credible digital floor.

The first to recommend layout block chain credible digital core engine, focusing on digital signature signature underlying SaaS, Block Chaining trusted digital identity and digital certificate services chain blocks, large blocks of data centers and credible chain block chain as evidence Alliance evidence underlying chain; block chain to accelerate infrastructure projects, focusing on digital traffic regulation, major livelihood security system in the field of environmental protection, health and so on.

Accelerate the pace of domestic alternative. Take priority to purchase products or limited other measures to stimulate the endogenous driving force of domestic substitute products application adaptation of enterprises.

Military and political suggestions first, to guide people’s livelihood, increase the proportion of innovative products and services information technology applications new livelihood projects, speed up the implementation of enterprises and finance, education, energy, health, transportation localization upgrade project.

Focus "Traction", to promote Huimin high efficiency, good governance, Societe enhance digital early warning capabilities judged level, to provide accurate advice to the party committee and government scientific decision-making. The use of artificial intelligence and big data technology to obtain critical information from huge multivariate data, the government decision to create a digital "nerve center"; the use of advanced algorithms for massive data multi-dimensional, comprehensive, in-depth analytical, open up the digital government decision-making "nervous peripheral "to provide for the party committee and government decision-making, policy implementation and dynamic monitoring data endorsement; build a major hidden-line monitoring, risk ahead of awareness and early warning disposal intelligent processing platform, integrated use of VR / AR and mixed reality simulation technology, motion capture potential hazards, enhanced forecasting judged to build holographic technology, three-dimensional visualization and decision-making closed-loop system, arrange digital government decision-making "neural circuits."

Consolidate the integration of government platform, provide strong support for the government to promote digital governance. Continue to deepen the "tube dress put" reform, pressure "put" to strengthen the "tube," Afterburner "service", government figures released creative energy construction: upgrade to "do a thing once," as the starting point for the promotion line the upper and lower lines of various types of government and social service channel depth of integration, to create "a Netcom do" upgrade; provide a way to "run through the province, through inter-provincial office, the whole network to do" as the goal, innovation and public services, expand education, health care, social security, employment, housing, culture, tourism and other digital public service, so that the people, businesses work only into a door or a network, will be able to accomplishing all things.

Enhance intelligence service levels, to optimize the business environment to provide efficient services. Focus convenience services, market players, government and promising to promote the efficient market mutual empowerment, so that "body work in Hunan is not difficult to" become the norm: to promote the "whole chain" electronic commercial registration, to promote the "one enterprise one license" "a photo passage "and other innovative initiatives to promote business start-up full link, the whole chain approval linkage to enhance the commercial registration service quality and facilitation level; the full implementation of the" license separation "reform, the implementation of dynamic management of the list of issues to enhance the whole process involved in business license prices online handling capacity; carry out "a photo pass" SheQi administrative examination and approval service reform, according to the companies act scene, the implementation of licensing issues associated with "one told a table applications, parallel processing, within specified time"; promote the construction project "a Netcom Office ", Yajian further clean-up examination and approval and conditions, promote the construction project classified administration to strengthen the online collaboration and approval under comprehensive line window, and realize the national, provincial and municipal docking system data in real-time, full-promote the construction project online approval process. [Department of the CPC Hunan Provincial Party (Hunan Administration Institute) Technology Center for Strategic Studies, Professor of Hunan Province, Hunan Province Center for Theoretical Study of socialism with Chinese characteristics Provincial Party base special researcher].