Tianye Mountain Safe Qingqiu Xuefeng Mountain footwood building and Four wood carving

        After a few barters, the heat gas of the burning is a lot, the autumn of the snow is coming.

  To visit the Wenfeng Mountains, the stone password in the field of Xuefeng Mountains is visible.

Shi Renzheng was in the center of Dongkou County and Shanmen Town. Shiren Village, Yanshan Town, and Zhu Youliang defeated Poyang Lake, was chased by Zhu Yuanzhang to this. It is documented by Guanyin. It has been cultivated. And the blessing is peaceful.

      Autumn is the season of harvest. The autumn is high, and the fruit of the country’s best in the southwest of Xiang should be a tangerine. In Shiren Village, many farmers have snow peak tangerines, as well as far-known citrus planting professional households to pick up their own purchase.

    Once the autumn, the earth quietly turned. The mountain fields in the southwestern southwest of Hunan began to walk artistic winds, and the greenness became flourished. Song is still blue, maple leaves are turned red; water and thin grass yellow, phoan leaves fall. A few days ago, it was also in the field of golden rice. After the autumn harvest revealed the earth, the birds and farmers of the chicken and sheep, the three five, five, a group of rice in the field, fell in the field; some farmland has been turned Plowing preparatory rapeseed, some water is like a mirror, and the new small villa and the wooden house remaining in the year are smog, and the flute is spent on the fog, and the flute is surprised, but they will Take a fly, take the dog, brush the fields of the field, flying into the mountains … Leave the bustling urban, return the original countryside, too many beautiful and expectation will not meet.

This line is in the stone scenic spot, marries the most beautiful wooden building and wood carving of Xuefeng Mountain. Dongkou County is located in the Snow Mountains, Lin Musheng, since ancient times, people who accommodate them here take the roaming house, the bark, or sing, or alone, or form a natural hospital. Whether it is the stream or the ridge, whether it is the stream or mountain waist, no need to be a riveting, all rely on the head, the wooden board is inlaid, and it makes up a solid livable wooden building, and it is easy to warm. It is worth mentioning that when building Wooden Tower, the first people will decorate the horizontal, the corner, the window, the door, the household, etc. Two may express the main hopes and vision. Thus, a delicate woodcarving works and woodcarves in the generation in the generation. This place has a history of Four wood carving.

Fumi-wood carving has been in the past 100 years. The founder Fu Manshan has went to Beijing twice to participate in the National Arts Art Symposium, received by Zhou Enlai, Zhu De, and the leadership of comrades.

The second generation inheritors Fu Jinlin, from the child to learn, and on the basis of his father’s creation, Bo Cai is full of people, and integrates through, forming a unique design concept and engraving technique. The third generation of inheritance Fu Li’s first is a deep pass and advances in the world, and the creation of more arts and crafts will be based on the creation of more arts and crafts. The work "Mother Aishan" "Mao Zedong to Anyuan" "all the way (series)" Going to Changsha and Beijing Exhibition and won many prizes many times, so that rock is intended to create a "wood carving town" called the country.

    Review the fire and rain, Jiangnan, the lake, Xiangji, poetry, and gather the Chinese version of the Chinese version of the Guzhai village.

There, not only the Tao Yuan’s village scenario and the beautiful meaning of the village situation and the beauty of the ancient land, but also precipitated the strong farming civilization and craftsman soul in the bones …