The pig "fertilizer" has become a "wide" and get rich road.

People’s Netger Puma July 8 (Yang Yang Li Sha) reporter recently seen in Fuyuan Agricultural Products Development Co., Ltd., Guolukid Town, Golmud City, and half-sized Tibetan pigs run in the grass, I will eat wild grass I will chase the playfulness, unlike a piggy pig, but there is a vigilance and sensitivity to the livestock. Walk all the way, empty breeding venues, messy growing wild grass, the unique environment allows Tibetan pigs to find "home" that is best for you.

In order to strengthen the village collective economy, open the last kilometer of the countryside and get rid of the bondage of the middle link of the market, so that the public can eat livestock feeding home, realize low-cost and safe and healthy diet, and have coordinated by multi-party research. The 40 acres of waste breeding plants turned into the sizzling of Tibetan pigs.

As a result, more than 100 months of 1-23 months old, the pork cubs came to this leisure new home, with corn as a staple food, with wild grass as "snack", and life is very exciting. Mikao, the first secretary of Baku Village, Guolemud Town, Golmud City, told reporters: "We now put the piglets in advance, reduce the intermediate link, one side does not worry, on the other hand, the public can eat better than the market price Cheap, safe pork, this model is very similar to the mainland’s more mature order farming. From now on, these small Tibetan pigs can adapt to the environment here, we will also follow the contents, scientific, and carefully raised, and ensure Tibetan pigs can grow and be strong. "With the development of the incense pigs, the surrounding land is also taken to build vegetable greenhouses, and the public can take a roam in the greenhouse while looking at the growth of piglets. If a project drives the development and extension of multiple projects, let the waste of land "fertile", broaden the channels that villagers get rich, bring convenience to the public, and also add to the development of Suburban tourism in Golmud City. New motivation.

At present, many citizens have signed a recycling agreement. According to the calculation, according to the agreement, the price of Tibetan pig pigs will be significantly lower than the market price. Everyone is looking forward to a safe, healthy pork. . The public said: "I heard that Baogu Village can behave in the pigs, I have seen a few friends, and the pig is very good. I feel that the environment is also hygienic, and it is also very suitable for sizzling.

And the piglets are sold after the sale, the price is cheap than the market price, the most important thing is healthy, so I have booked a few friends and our friends.

Through high starting point, high-quality promotion of rural comprehensive revitalization, high standards, rural infrastructure short board, high standard improvement of farmers and herdsmen production and living conditions and rural pastoral area, promote the transformation and upgrading of rural industries, income, agriculture industry It has laid a good foundation for high quality development.

(Editor: Liu Peiran, Yang Yang).